Anamu Herbal Tincture

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Product Description

Anamu Herbal Tincture

2 Fluid Oz, (60ml)

Used for: fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites, inflammation & enhancing the immune system.

Herbs include: Anamu

Do not take if pregnant

Herbal Properties & Actions of Anamu

• reduces pain
• kills bacteria
• kills cancer cells
• kills fungi
• reduces inflammation
• kills leukemia cells
• reduces free radicals
• prevents tumors
• kills viruses
• kills Candida
• increases urination
• enhances immunity

Other Action Include:

• reduces spasms
• reduces anxiety
• reduces fever
• lowers blood sugar
• kills insects
• expels worms

Anamu Plant Details

The roots and leaves have a strong acrid, garlic-like odor which taints the milk and meat of animals that graze on it.

The compounds contained in Anamu have been found to exhibit antimicrobial activity.


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