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Product Description

Pancreas Support

2 Oz (60ml) Herbal Glycerite

Common Dosage: 20 to 30 drops 1 to 3 times a day. 

Pancreas Support is commonly used to support the pancreas

Herbs included in Pancreas Support

Cedar Berries, Licorice root, Goldenseal, Mullein, Uva ursi in a base or Vegetable Glycerin & Distilled water

Herbal remedies should be taken under the direction of a trained herbal practitioner. 

Caution: Pancreas Support can lower blood sugar levels. 

Helpful Information About The Herbs in Pancreas Support

Cedar Berries

Cedar berries have been found beneficial in improving digestive and pancreatic functions. 

Licorice Root

Licorice root has been known to have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties that can reduce pain and swelling.

Goldenseal Root

Goldenseal root has been shown to increase digestive secretions such as saliva, bile, and digestive enzymes; and to strengthen and stimulate pancreatic function.


The active compounds found in Mullein have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral properties.

Uva Ursi

Uva uris contains an assortment of chemical compounds that are active against many of the pathogens commonly found in urinary tract infections. 


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